Apple on stage highlighted several new iOS 13 features that went unmentioned during the keynote event, including a quick mention of a new option that will let you download “large apps” over cellular.

Apple says that in iOS 13, you can choose to download apps and games over your cellular connection, which perhaps suggests you’ll be able to download larger (or any) app you wish using LTE. It’s not clear exactly what the “large apps” phrasing means, so we’ll be investigating further once we have iOS 13 installed.

Apple last week upped the over-the-air download limit for apps from 150MB to 200MB, and it’s possible iOS 13 will allow even larger apps to download over cellular.

Right now, the file size limit is designed to prevent iOS users from accidentally downloading large apps over cellular and eating up their data allowance, but such restrictions may no longer be necessary with the proliferation of unlimited data plans.

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